Newell, Martha Skinner

About the author

Martha Skinner Newell was an American author active in the early years of the 20th century. She wrote two horse stories: Willie and His Circus Pony (1914) and Willie and His Pony in California (1915). Callie is a pony who is given to Willie after she breaks her leg, but he succeeds in nursing her back to health – quite a feat then. It’s still almost impossible now. Callie drifts in and out of Willie’s ownership, with Callie going backwards and forwards to the circus.

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Not the easiest of books to find.

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Willie and His Circus Pony
Willie and His Pony in California

Bibliography (horse books only)

Willie and His Circus Pony

The Arthur H Crist Co, 1914, 178 pp, illus Josephine Bruce

Willie and his father go to watch the circus pack up and leave town. There is an accident, and the little trick pony, Callie, is kicked, breaking her leg. The pony is to be destroyed, but instead is given to Willie, who nurses her back to health. Callie saves Willie from the river and a blizzard. When Willie’s father is sick, he has to go to California for his health, but there isn’t enough money for the
family to go. Willie arranges to lease Callie back to the circus. Although he is sad to loose Callie, he wants the family to stay together.

Willie and His Pony in California

The Arthur H Crist Co, 1915, 167 pp, illus Josephine Bruce

Willie gets a letter from Callie. The circus will be coming to California, and Willie and his parents are sent passes. Willie is overjoyed at seeing his pony again, and is invited to tour with the circus for a couple of weeks. One night there is a train wreck, and Mr MacCready’s son, Ned, breaks his leg. Willie stays on with the circus to take Ned’s place until he is better. An earthquake causes much damage, and Willie and Callie both go home until the circus is back on its feet. They have
many adventures, and a surprise visit from friends from back east.