Newcomb, Ellsworth

About the author

Ellsworth Newcomb (1899–1971) was an American author, born in Washington. She married twice, but published her books under her maiden name. She wrote several non fiction books for children on materials, including Miracle Plastics, Miracle Glass, Miracle Fabrics and Miracle Metals. Amongst her fiction is at least one horse book, Three Came Riding, as well as a contribution to The American Girl Book of Horse Stories.

Finding the book
Reasonably easy to find in the USA, though copies are generally ex library. It was not published in the UK.

Links and sources
Thank you to Jacki Richey for invaluable biographical information
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Bibliography (horse books only)

Three Came Riding

Norton, New York, 1964, 82 pp, illus Christina F Christensen

“Jose fears that his horse Mingo will have to be sold to buy food, as his mother’s Puerto Rican rugs are not selling well. He goes to San Juan to the cathedral to pray that the Three Kings will accept the horse during the Christmas Season.”

Short stories

American Girl Book of Horse Stories

Girl Scouts of the United States, 1946, illus Sam Savitt.

review of the book on the Pony Book Chronicles

Two for the Show