Newcomb, Covelle

About the author

Covelle Newcomb (b.1908) wrote children’s books on historical figures. He (or indeed she – I’m not sure) specialised in American history once it became influenced by Europeans. Titles included works on Christopher Columbus and Cortez. As far as I can see, the author wrote just the one horse book, Silver Saddles, a ranch-based story.

Finding the books
The paperback versions are easy to find, and generally not expensive. Hardbacks are a bit more pricey, and very good first editions are expensive. The book was not published in the UK.

Links and sources
Many thanks to Lisa Catz for the photograph.

Bibliography (horse books only)

Silver Saddles

Longmans, Green & Co, New York, 1943, 261 pp, illus Addison Burbank
Tab Books, New York, 1957
Scholastic Book Services, 1961

“Flint wins the right to go to Torreon to ride his father’s new palomino Quarter Horse Cimarron over the three hundred miles of bandit-infested hills and deserts back to his father’s ranch.”