Myers, MaryAnn

About the author

MaryAnn Myers and her husband run the Sunrise Horse Farm in Ohio. Run on organic and sustainable lines, it is an equine retirement sanctuary. She has written seven horse stories so far, and a collection of short stories, with presumably more to come!

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Maple Grove
Maple Grove
Maple Grove Revisited

Winning Odds
Favored to Win
Odds on Favourite

Bibliography (horse books only)

Maple Dale

Lighthouse Literary Press, 1999, 173 pp

Maple Dale Equestrian Centre is to be sold to a developer, and one woman fights to prevent its demise against all odds.

Favored to Win

Lighthouse Literary Press, 2000, 454 pp.

Journalist Dawn Fioritto becomes captivated by an enchanting old man and with life behind the scenes at Nothingham Downs. She returns under the guise of writing a novel, and is employed as a groom in relative obscurity. One day, someone starts asking questions. As the mysteries and excitement of thoroughbred racing unfold, so do the details of Dawn Fioritto’s past.

Maple Dale Revisited

Lighthouse Literary Press, 2000, 454 pp

Fourteen years ago Leah Oliver passed away. Months later, she finally left Maple Dale Equestrian Center. Or did she? Bethann and the students wonder.

Ellie’s Crows

Sunrise Horse Farm, 2010, 148 pp

Available in ebook format

Ellie is in love, kind and considerate, unless crossed, and she loves horses. What is different about Ellie is the fact that she is followed through life by a flock of crows. Ellie’s grandmother is nearing the end of her life, and the book looks at those last few weeks, when Ellie is the sunshine of her days.

Hannah’s Home

Sunrise Horse Farm, 2011, 467 pp

Available in ebook format

Down on her luck, Hannah has nothing left but her horse.

A Thoroughbred’s Dream

Sunrise Horse Farm, 2012, Kindle, 94 pp.

A collection of short stories.

Odds on Favourite

Sunrise Horse Farm, 2012, 340 pp

Available in ebook format

When Nottingham Downs is forced into bankruptcy, Ben Miller steps in to save the day.

Barn 14, Meg’s Meadow

Sunrise Horse Farm, 2013, 486 pp

Available in ebook format

Why is someone trying to put Nottingham Downs into bankruptcy?