Moore, Ruth Nulton

About the author

Ruth Nulton Moore (1923–2001) was a teacher and author who wrote numerous children’s books. She was born in Easton, Pennsylvania, and educated at Bucknell University and Columbia University. She taught English and Social Studies, and published her first book in 1965. In all, she wrote 21 children’s books, and was named in the C S Lewis Honor Book list in 1983 for one of them, Danger in the Pines.

Three of her books have some horse content.

Finding the books
The Sorrel Horse and Mystery of the Missing Stallions are easy to find; Frisky somewhat less so.

Links and sources
The Pennsylvania Center for the Book
Terri Wear Horse Stories: An Annotated Bibliography
Thank you to Lisa Catz for summaries and photographs


Frisky, the Playful Pony

Criterion Books Inc, New York,1966, 96 pp, illus Theresa Brudi

Mr Chester, the caretaker of the school, buys a Shetland pony for the neighbourhood children to enjoy. He keeps it in his orchard, and the children take care of Frisky in exchange for riding him after school. Then Joe Romano, a new boy, comes into town, along with the carnival. He joins in with the children, and teaches Frisky some tricks. Suddenly Joe runs away from the
carnival, and Frisky is missing also.

The Sorrel Horse

Herald Press, Scottdale, 1982, 154 pp, illus James L. Converse. 

Melissa Howard lives in a city housing project, but through the “Fresh Air Fund” program, she is able to spend two weeks on a farm. She is afraid to go, but finds her hosts kind, and she falls in love with the horse that is hers to ride while she is there. The Mathew’s daughter, Jan, was thrown from a horse as a very small child. Now afraid to ride, she resents Melissa’s natural ability. Coming from different cultures, the girls learn to understand and trust each other, and
in doing so, they both learn to overcome their fears.

Mystery of the Missing Stallions

Herald Press, Scottdale, 1984, 133 pp,

Teenage twins Sara and Sam find a young boy hiding in an abandoned cabin: he’s a refugee from Vietnam. At the same time the two have to investigate the disappearance of stallions from a nearby farm.