Moore, Lilian and Leone Adelson

About the author

Lilian Moore was born in 1909 in the Bronx, and was educated at Hunter College. Emerging from education into depression-era America, it was not easy to find work. She worked part-time with truants, and discovered that she had a talent for teaching children to read. She became a reading specialist for the New York Board of Education, trained teachers and researched what made it difficult for children to learn to read. Through her work as editor of the paperback division of Scholastic, she did much to make books more accessible. She wrote many books, at least one of which, Old Rosie, the Horse Nobody Understood, was a horse story, and which appeared, fittingly, as a Scholastic paperback.

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Links and sources
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Old Rosie, the Horse Nobody Understood

Random House, New York, 1952, illus Leonard Shortall
Scholastic, New York, 1962
Old Rosie, the Horse Nobody Understood & Bambi’s Children (Dandelion Library), Random House, New York, 1960

Old Rosie has been retired from pulling the milk wagon because she kept falling asleep on the job. It’s more difficult still for her to adjust to retirement though.