Miller, Eugenia

About the author

Eugenia Miller wrote several books for children, amongst which are two with horsey content. Kirkus describe her books as “sympathetic horse and boy stories”.

Finding the books
Both books are easy to find in the USA, though are generally ex-library.

Links and sources
Kirkus Reviews

Bibliography (horse books only)

The Golden Spur

Holt, Rinehart & Wilson, New York, 1964, 142 pp, illus Leonard Everett Fisher

Kirkus review of The Golden Spur

Jacques is disturbed when he hears rumours about the King and Queen of France, but he still manages to find the time to visit the mare Isabeau, until that is a cruel Count decides he wants the mare himself.

Rocking Hill Road

Henry Holt & Co, New York, 1959, 159 pp, illus Alan Moyler

Kirkus review of Rocking Hill Road

Jeff and Pogey move, and find they now live somewhere where everyone rides. They rent a little black Morgan horse called Sailor, and learn to ride him.