Meyers, Gertrude Barlow

About the author

Gertrude Barlow Meyers (b.1902) wrote several children’s books – probably best known among them is her contribution to the Annette series, Annette, Mystery at Medicine Wheel. Her other horse books are in the Western ranch style.

Finding the books
Both books are reasonably easy to find. The Blue Runner tends to be more expensive. Neither was published in the UK.

Links and sources
Terri A. Wear: Horse Stories, an Annotated Bibliography, Scarecrow Press, 1987
National Library of Congress
A review of The Blue Runner on the Pony Book Chronicles
Disney’s Annette

Bibliography (horse books only)

Last of the Wild Stallions

Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1949, 176 pp, illus Bill Wickham

Jeff and the other local ranchers gather together to catch all the wild horses in their area. Jeff hopes that he will be able to make the colt he has called Sky High into a fine ranch horse, but then the horse is stolen and used as a bucker in a rodeo.


Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1956, 208 pp

The Blue Runner

Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1960, 205 pp

Mike seeks out Matt Iliff to ask him for a job at the Pigeon Track Ranch. Mike is actually Matt’s son, but decides to prove his worth as a trainer before he reveals all.

Annette: Mystery at the Medicine Wheel

Whitman Publishing, Wisconsin, 1964, 212 pp, illus Robert L. Jenney & Maxine McCaffrey

Part of the Annette series. Annette is on her way to her visit her Aunt and Uncle at the Circle Y Ranch via bus. It doesn’t go to plan, as she and John Running, with whom she’s travelling, are involved in a kidnapping.