Mason, Miriam E

About the author

Miriam E Mason (1900–71) was born in Goshen, Indiana. She worked as an editor and teacher, and wrote more than fifty books. Many of them were about animals, and were inspired by her childhood growing up on a farm. Amongst her books are three horse-orientated titles: Happy Jack, A Pony Called Lightning and Broomtail, Brother of Lightning.

A Pony Called Lightning is notable for being illustrated by C W Anderson, one of America’s foremost equine illustrators.

Finding the books
All the books are reasonably easy to find, though not necessarily in good condition.

Links and sources
Thank you to Lisa Catz for the photographs and summaries.

Bibliography (horse books only)

Happy Jack

Macmillan, New York, 1945, 136 pp, illus George and Doris Hauman

Happy Jack the mule runs away from the circus, because he doesn’t like working. Unfortunately he ends up at Grindhard Farm, where everyone always works hard.

A Pony Called Lightning

Macmillan, New York, 1948, 143 pp, illus C W Anderson

Lightning is born in the wild, during a big storm. With his mother, he learns of the dangers he willface. Lightning loves to race things, and is fascinated by lightning, which he thinks looks like giantsnakes in the sky, and vows to someday race the lightning. Eventually he is caught, and is first the mount for a young Indian boy, but eventually becomes the beloved pony of a young girl in a prairie family. With her, he finally is able to keep his promise to race the lightning and must win to save his mistress’s life.

Broomtail, Brother of Lightning

Macmillan, New York, 1952, 135 pp, illus William Moyers

Broomtail runs with a large herd of wild horses. He is caught, and a strong young Indian boy named Red Eagle chooses  Broomtail to be his riding pony. In Broomtail’s mind, it is he that caught the boy. Broomtail still gets the urge to run for the wild when he can, and Red Eagle always manages to bring him back, but after Broomtail saves his life, Red Eagle sets him free. He begins a new life as “Spotted Wolf” the pony of young Sally Hutchinson.