Maher, Ramona

About the author

Ramona Maher was one of those authors who started early: she published her first book when she was just seventeen. She worked as an editor, and wrote several children’s books, amongst which is the horse book The Glory Horse. The Kirkus review of the book said “How you’ll feel about The Glory Horse depends first of all on whether the cry “Remember the Alamo” sends patriotic chills up your spine, and then on how you react to such matter-of-fact battle reports as “they killed the enemy in memory of friends and countrymen who had died there.””

Finding the book
Reasonably easy to find.

Links and sources
Horse Stories: An Annotated Bibliography – Terri Wear
Ramona Maher at Random House (link no longer works)

Bibliography (horse books only)

The Glory Horse: a Story of the Battle of San Jacinto and Texas in 1836

Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1974, 61 pp, illus Stephen Gammell

Kirkus Review

Santa Anna, the president of Mexico, takes Jimmy’s horse, Old Whip, but Old Whip’s fear of water enables the Texans to catch Santa Anna after the Battle of Mexico.