Macdonald, Marianne

About the author

Marianne Macdonald (b.1934) was born in Kenora, Canada, and was educated at McGill and Oxford universities. She spent the next 30 years as an academic, working in Canada and in England. She moved to Muswell Hill, London, and now writes full time. Her best known books are her Dido Hoare detective series, but she’s also written some children’s books. Amongst them is a children’s adventure in which two children bereft of horse for the summer find some, and plenty of adventure besides.

Finding the book
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Marianne Macdonald on Publishers’ Weekly

Bibliography (horse books only)

Smuggler’s Cove

Macmillan, Toronto, 1960
Children’s Book Club, London, 208 pp, illus Selwyn Dewdney

Staying at Smuggler’s Cove means spending the whole summer away from the riding stable. However, New Brunswick is better than Kathy and Bert imagine. They ride two beautiful horses, explore the countryside and practice for the upcoming show. Then strange men appear on the cliffs, and there are mysterious lights from the sea at night. Have they stumbled across diamond