MacDonald, Anne Louise

About the author

Anne Louise MacDonald lives in Nova Scotia, where she lives, works with and writes about horses. She said: “I was born in love with horses. As a baby, anything horsy caught my attention. When I was four my mom made the huge mistake of getting my photo taken on a pony. I begged for my very own horse ever after.”  When she was 12 she started having riding lessons, and when she was sixteen, got her own horse. She started writing later in life, with her first books being picture books. Her two chapter books both include horses, and she is working on a third.

Finding the books
The Kids Can Press versions of both titles are very easy to find – the Stabenfeldt one isn’t impossible, but is much less common.

Links and sources
Anne Louise MacDonald on Nova Scotia Writers

Bibliography (horse books only)

The Ghost Horse of Meadow Green

Kids Can Press, 2005
Stabenfeldt, Das Geisterpferd von Meadow Green – Pony Club
Stabenfeldt, USA, 2005

Kim sees a beautiful black horse from her school bus window. Gramma-Lou is coming to livethe family, and she’s Kim’s best friend, sharing her passion for horses. When Kim looks for thehorse again, it’s vanished – perhaps it was a ghost. There’s talk at school about Kim’s housebeing haunted by someone called Crackers and that something awful happened there. Kim’sparents say it’s nonsense, but when Gramma-Lou finally arrives, Kim’s perfect plans are shattered and dark secrets come to light in Meadow Green.

Seeing Red

Kids Can Press, 2009
Kirkus review

When Frankie Uccello has a “colour” dream, it will come true. He becomes friendly with an odd girl in his class, Maura-Lee, and together they work on a therapy riding program for mentally handicapped children at Hug a Horse Farm, although Frankie is actually scared of horses.