Lovelace, Delos W

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Delos W Lovelace (1894–1967) wrote a book about a much more famous animal than That Dodger Horse: he was responsible for the original novelisation of King Kong, the film. He wrote some books with his wife, Maud Lovelace. Both wrote horse books, though Delos W Lovelace mixed his with sport.

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Bibliography (horse book only)

That Dodger Horse

Thomas Y Crowell Company, New York, 1956, 177 pp, illus Clifford N Geary

Glen is not happy to be leaving the city and his baseball team to stay on a Minnesota farm with his uncle for the summer. But he likes the farm, makes friends quickly, and even finds a baseball team to play on. Then the Dodger horse is sold at auction, and Glen’s uncle buys him. Dodger has a reputation of being the trickiest horse around. Everyone knows not to trust him because he is so full of mischief. But Dodger is an extraordinary horse, and he proves it on a disastrous afternoon when a tornado hits.