Longstreet, Stephen

About the author

Stephen Longstreet (1907–2002) was born in New York in 1907. He was educated in Paris, at Rutgers and Harvard Universities and the New York School of Fine and Applied Art (Parsons). He worked as a magazine artist and cartoonist, and in the 1930s began writing radio shows. This developed into writing novels, and he published over 100. His dramatic story of people and horses,Stallion Road (1945) was later made into a film in 1989. It wasn’t adapted by Longstreet, although he did adapt some of his novels as screenplays. In 1948 he was awarded the Photoplay Gold Medal for the most popular film of 1948.

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Many thanks to Lisa Catz for the photograph and summary.

Bibliography (horse books only)

Stallion Road

Sun Dial Press, 1945, 303 pp
Jarrolds, London, 1946
Paperback Library, 1961

Horses are the life blood of the people at and around Stallion Road. They love their horses, their horse shows, stock breeding, and the training of their jumpers, three and five-gaited horses, and their polo ponies. Larry Hanrahan, a vet, falls in love with Fleace Teller, but Richmond Mallard, owner of the restaurant and gambling house, is determined to get Fleace away from Larry.Then there is Rose Hanrahan, Larry’s sister, who hates horses, and Ben Otis, who holds the  mortgage on Stallion Road.