Loken, Anna Belle

About the author

Anna Belle Loken is one of those authors whose life hasn’t as yet left much impression on the internet. I’ve not been able to find out anything about her at all, save for the fact she wrote a horse book set in Norway. From that, I wonder if she was Norwegian, or at least born there. I think she was married to Hjalmar J Loken, with whom she wrote When the Sun Danced, the story of his life as a boy growing up in Norway.

Finding the book
The paperback is the easier of the two editions to find.

Links and sources
Terri Wear:  Horse Stories: An Annotated Bibliography


The Colt from the Dark Forest

Lothrop, Lee, Shepherd, New York, 1959, 127 pp, illus Donald Bolognese
Young Readers Press, 1967, pb

Kari sits as a model for an artist, hoping to earn enough money to feed Rouen, the orphaned red colt he found in the woods near his Norwegian home.