Kubie, Nora Benjamin

About the author

Nora Benjamin Kubie (1899–1988) was educated at Vassar College. She travelled the Middle East as an amateur archaeologist, and wrote several non fiction children’s books, including some on Jewish history and archaeology. King Solomon’s Horses took the Old Testament as its background, being set in the time of King Solomon.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

King Solomon‘s Horses

Harper & Row, New York, 1956, 211 pp.

The story of a boy’s devotion to his horse in the ancient times of King Solomon. Dan is the
youngest child of his family, and the only son, having to put up with six older sisters. One day while making the long trek to get water from a distant well, Dan comes across an injured filly. He names her “Bala”, and nurses her back to health. Two years later, the King’s horsemen catch up with Bala, demanding she be returned. Rather than be separated from her, Dan goes with Bala, to help train horses and be an armour-bearer, a journey that is dangerous for both of them.