Kingman, Lee

About the author

Lee Kingman was born in Massachusetts and was educated at Smith College. She worked for Houghton Mifflin as their children’s books editor, and went on to write over 30 books of her own. Her first book, Pierre Pidgeon, was a Caldecott Honor Book. Kingman contributed to The Horn Book, and wrote several books for them. She wrote one horse story, Flivver the Heroic Horse.

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Links and sources
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Terri Wear: Horse Stories: An Annotated Bibliography
Thank you to Lisa Catz for the photograph and the summary

Bibliography (horse books only)

Flivver the Heroic Horse

Doubleday & Company, Inc, New York, 1958, 76 pp, illus Erik Blegvad.

Mr Timilty inherits a ship from his uncle. He has dreams of sailing the sea with his faithful
carthorse, Flivver. But when they get to Smugglers’ Cove, they find that the “Emma M” is a battered old barge that washed up into the harbour during a storm. The town’s business has been ruined, because the barge takes up so much room that there is no room for the fishing boats anymore. So the people of the town do not give Mr Timilty and Flivver a very warm welcome, until Flivver comes to the rescue.