Kelsey, Alice Geer

About the author

Alice Geer Kelsey was born in Danvers, Massachusetts and educated at Mount Holyoke College in 1918. She and her husband, Lincoln David Kelsey, left America in 1919 to work as relief workers in the Near East after World War I. Here she worked with children orphaned by war in Merzifoun, Turkey, and collected some of the stories she retold in Once the Hodja. She also wrote many books with a Christian slant, as well as two horse books, both with non-American settings.  

Finding the book
Both are usually available. The UK printing of I Give You My Colt is a little harder to track down.

Links and sources
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Bibliography (horse books only)

Ricardo’s White Horse

Longmans, Green, New York, 1948, 179 pp, illus Joseph W Hopkins

Ricardo is given a Puerto Rican mountain horse. The horse, Blanquita, is headstrong, and Ricardo has a struggle to train her to obey and to carry loads for his hardworking family.

I Give You My Colt

Longmans, Green, New York, 160 pp, 1956, illus Helen Torrey
Brockhampton Press, Leicester, 126 pp, 1957

Two Persian shepherd boys, Jafar and Musa, badly want a horse. They rescue an Arabian colt who has been orphaned, and spirit him away to a cave. However, their consciences get to work on them, and they feel guilty about how they’ve acquired their horse.