Juby, Susan

About the author

Susan Juby was called “the Canadian Queen of Funny” by Reading Rants. Brought up in British Columbia, she had a brief (and unsuccessful) attempt at being a fashion design student, and eventually, by way of waitressing and shop work, found her way to an English Literature degree, and a Masters in Publishing. Her first novel, Alice, I Think, was the first in a series about a “teenage oddball” – a character who didn’t fit in, but who didn’t allow that to crush her. Susan Juby went on to write Another Kind of Cowboy – she loved horse books when young, and as she wanted to write every sort of book she’d enjoyed, horses fitted right in. Another Kind of Cowboy is not a conventional horse story by any means. Set in the dressage world, it’s a world which Susan Juby has experience of, though she gave up riding when she went to college. However, when the success of the Alice series led to it being made into a television series, she bought a horse.

Finding the book
Still in print, and available as an ebook.

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Another Kind of Cowboy

Harper Teen, 2007
Available in ebook format

A quotation from the Kirkus review, for whom this was one of the Best Young Adult Books of 2007:

“Gay-but-not-out boy meets poor-little-rich girl, and their unlikely friendship, forged in the dressage ring, makes for one of the funniest, most poignant tales of the year.”