Johnston, Dorothy Grunbock

About the author

Dorothy Grunbock Johnston (1915–79) was born in Seattle, and educated at the University of Washington, Moody Bible Institute and the Prairie Bible Institute. Most of her writing was done for the Christian press. Whether Pounding Hooves is amongst these I do not know. It has a ranch background: she and her family (there were five children) spent their weekends on a ranch, and she credited these experiences with inspiring much of her work.

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Links and sources
Dorothy Grunbock Johnston’s papers are at the NWDA
Terri Wear: Horse Stories: An Annotated Bibliography

Bibliography (horse books only)

Pounding Hooves

David C Cook Pub Co, Illinois, 1976, 254 pp, illus Pers Crowell
Also a 1977 printing in paperback

Lori’s father has a riding accident which shatters his elbow, and forces the sale of her horse. Lori misses horses desperately, until she sees the flighty Arab Storm next door. She asks to be allowed to help gentle the chestnut mare.