Janney, Rebecca Price

About the author

Rebecca Price Janney (b.1957) decided to become a reporter when she was thirteen. Her greatest wish was to report on the Philadelphia Phillies (a baseball team) but as a girl, being a sports reporter was difficult. It was, she said “before they let females in dug outs and locker rooms.” However, thanks to a sympathetic editor and Larry Shenk of the Phillies, she got to do the job. Since then, she’s taught college level history, and written 18 books. Her children’s books include the Heather Reed mystery series, about a sixteen-year-old girl and her adventures. One of them features horses: Reins of Danger (1995), which sees Heather at the Olympic Equestrian trials.

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Links and sources
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Reins of Danger

Word Pub, Dallas,1995, 120 pp

Heather Reed and her best friend are off to California. There they will watch the Olympic Equestrian trials. However, once they’re there, they find out there are lots of devious plots going on: there’s an attempt to sabotage the competition, a plan to destroy some elite horses, and finally one to take over the Spencer Wood horse farm.