Huston, Anne and Jane Yolen

About the author

Anne Huston and Jane Yolen wrote one book together. As far as I can tell, they wrote no further books together, and again as far as I can tell, none singly that can be counted as horse books.

Jane Yolen is best known as a writer of picture books. She started out as a journalist, and wrote several fairy stories before collaborating with her friend Ann Huston on Trust a City Kid. Yolen’s The Emperor and the Kite was a Caldecott Medal Honor Book in 1968.

Anne Huston has proved trickier to track down than her collaborator. The book they wrote together, Trust a City Kid, was well received. Kirkus said “A strong message throughout which does not hobble the surface values of the story and the inescapable sympathy for Reg, and the style, a clean, lean prose, contributes.”

Finding the book
Reasonably easy to find in both its UK and USA printings.

Links and sources
Carolyn Carpan – Who Wrote That? Jane Yolen

Bibliography (horse books only)

Trust a City Kid

Lothrop, Lee & Shepherd Co, New York, 1967, 192 pp, illus J C Kocsis
J M Dent & Sons, London, 1967, 192 pp, dustjacket Charles Keeping

Kirkus review

The summer he spent in New England at the Bradshaw’s farm was a turning point for Reg. It’s only the horses that make him go through with it. When he gets there, he finds there’s no horse for him, and that the Bradshaws are Quakers. Reg deals with problems is with his fists, so he is brought up short by the clash between the Bradshaw’s pacifist, kindly ways, and his own. He runs away, but when he does
so, he finds a horse.