Hudson, Jan

About the author

Jan Hudson, (1954–90) wrote two books about the Blackfoot, becoming interested in them after she adopted her daughter, who was of Blackfoot descent. Sweetgrass, the story of a 15-year-old Blackfoot girl, was an ALA Notable Children’s Book, and a Best Book for Young Adults in 1989. Dawn Rider is also about a Blackfoot girl. The book is horse-orientated, but carries on the theme of a teenage girl finding her feet in a society which has firm ideas on how girls should behave.

Jan Hudson studied law at the University of Alberta, and worked as an editorial director of a computerised research company. She died in 1990.

Finding the book
Easily findable in the USA. The book was not published in the UK.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

Dawn Rider

Philomel Books, New York, 1990, 173 pp
Scholastic, pb, 1992, 173 pp (right)

Eagle Flies Over Hills is the first horse the Blackfoot Nation has ever had. The elders refuse to allow the girl Kit Fox to ride him, saying this is a job for a warrior. Kit Fox secretly makes friends with the horse and learns to ride it. The Blackfoot fear the horse will destroy their way of life, but when their enemies, the Snake, Threaten, Kit Fox and the horse may be the only things that can save them.