Hogner, Nils

About the author

Nils Hogner (1893–1970) was educated at the Rhodes Academy, the Royal Academy of Arts, the Boston School of Painting and the School of the Museum of Fine Art. He was first married in the 1920s to a Navajo, Teckla, and they ran a trading post in New Mexico. After their divorce, Hogner moved to Albuquerque, where he worked as a professor of art at the University of New Mexico. Here he met his second wife, Dorothy Childs. He illustrated over 30 of her books, as well as children’s books of his own. He wrote several horse books, mostly aimed at the younger reader.

Finding the books
All are reasonably easy to find in the USA. None were published in the UK.

Links and sources
Terri A. Wear: Horse Stories, an Annotated Bibliography, Scarecrow Press, 1987
Obituary, New York Times
Nils Hogner papers at Archives West
Many thanks to Lisa Catz for the photograph .

Bibliography (horse books only)

Dynamite the Wild Stallion

Aladdin, New York, 1953, illus the author. Unpaginated.

Dynamite, a wild stallion, is caught. Jock attempts to break him but his violent methods end in failure. Shorty decides to try another tack: gentleness.

Jimmy’s First Roundup

Abelard Schuman, New York, 1959, illus the author. Unpaginated.


H Z Walck, New York, 1960, 90 pp, illus the author

A deer and pony story. Tanny the deer is adopted by a Shetland pony, and is kept by the Smith family until she wanders away one day, and has to rely on the relationship she has with horses to save herself.

Molly the Black Mare

H Z Walck, New York, 1962, 48 pp, illus the author

Molly the mare leaves the ranch herd so that she can have her foal, but before she can get
back to the herd, she and the foal have a whole host of dangers to overcome:  snakes, bears, lions and a flood.

Devil Stallion

H Z Walck, New York,1967, 60 pp, illus the author

A wild dun stallion is pursued by the cowboys who want to make a ranch horse or a rodeo
bronc, but the dun horse proves that it is to a life in the wild that he is best suited.

The Nosy Colt

H Z Walck, New York, 1973, 30 pp, illus Richard Legenson

A young colt and his companions escape from their pasture. Nosy goes exploring, and learns the hard way about the dangers of hornets and skunks.