Hinds, Sarah

About the author

Sarah Hinds (b.1992) lives and rides in the Missouri she writes about. She’s ridden and shown American Saddlebreds, who feature in her book, since she was four, so had ample material on which to draw for World Championship Material. She writes regularly for the American equine press, contributing columns and articles to Saddle & Bridle Magazine and American Saddlebred Magazine.

Finding the book
No longer appears to be in print, and is difficult to find secondhand (though that may change, of course).

Links and sources
Sarah Hind’s website (no longer extant)

Bibliography (horse books only)

World Championship Material

Mill City Press, Minneapolis, 140 pp, 2007

Amanda Ryan has had lessons with Kate Brown at Lakeview Stables, an American Saddlebred farm in Missouri, for as long as she can remember. She can’t imagine life without horses, and when she gets Storm, thinks that life will be full of excitement. However, Storm’s true identity is uncertain, and when Amanda finds there may be criminals in his background, life takes a sinister turn.