Hermes, Patricia

About the author

Patricia Hermes (1936–2018) wrote over 50 books. She rode, and enjoyed riding lessons.

Many of her books are historical, and were well received. She won the American Library Association Best Book, Smithsonian Notable Book and had a C.S. Lewis Honor Book. She contributed two titles to the Horse Diaries series, which looks at different historical periods through the eyes of a horse. Her two titles Koda (2009) and Black Cloud (2012) look at freedom from different perspectives: searching for freedom and a new life along the Oregon trail, and the life of a mustang, captured in the 1950s and given a safe and comfortable life, but not one which is free.

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Links and sources
Obituary, New York Times (retrieved 30.5.2023)
The Horse Diaries series
Patricia Hermes’ website (no longer extant)

Bibliography (horse books only)


Random House, New York, 2009, illus Rosemary Sanderson

Number 3 in the Horse Diaries series, Koda is a Quarter Horse who is travelling with his
owners from Missouri to Oregon in 1848. Told through Koda’s eyes, we see how increasingly dull and tiring he finds the journey; until, that is, his young owner goes missing,and Koda has to find her.

Black Cloud

Random House, New York, 2012, 154 pp, illus Astrid Shekels

It is the 1950s, and Black Cloud is enjoying his wild life as a mustang colt. However, mustangs are being rounded up, and sure enough Black Cloud’s herd are rounded up and slaughtered, save for him, who is saved by a girl named Annie. Annie gives Black Cloud a good life: he’s safe, and comfortable, but is he free?