Hanson, June Andrea

About the author

I’ve not as yet been able to find any biographical information on this author, who wrote two books set on a Montana ranch, featuring just-turned-teenage heroine, Janey.  

Finding the books
Very easy to find in their native America, but not published in the UK.

Links and sources
National Library of Congress


Summer of the Stallion
Winter of the Owl

Bibliography (horse books only)

Summer of the Stallion

Macmillan, New York, 1979, 108 pp, illus Gloria Singer
Weekly Reader, 1981, pb

The blurb: “Janey”s summer vacation was off to a terrible start. She was humiliated at the
end-of-school picnic: she disgraced herself at softball, sprained her ankle in the races, and then the boys started making fun of her father. She couldn’t wait to escape to Grandpa’s ranch. But even the ranch is a disappointment. Then the stallion changes everything… .”

Winter of the Owl

Macmillan, New York, 1980, 126 pp, illus Gloria Singer
Scholastic, 1980, pb

The blurb: “Thirteen-year-old Janey learns some important lessons about friendship, prejudice, and the real nature of independence when she attempts to train a yearling colt and claim it for herself.”