Guck, Dorothy

About the author

Dorothy Guck was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and educated at the University of Wisconsin. She fell in love with the forests of New Mexico, and a forest ranger, and then had to shed her city ways; learn to bake bread on a wood stove, ride a horse, kill rattlesnakes and bobcats, and as her children grew up, extend her talents to teaching and journalism. She’s written articles and nature tales for radio, as well as this one children’s story, Danger Rides the Forest.

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Dustjacket of Danger Rides the Forest
Dorothy Guck and the Smoky Bear Museum

Bibliography (horse books only)

Danger Rides the Forest

The Vanguard Press Inc, New York, 1968

Kirkus Review

Jonnie Billings, 16, loves the forest. Her father is forest ranger at the Pine Grove Ranger Station in New Mexico’s Cortez National Forest. She has learned how to ride, and how to conserve the forest. One day Jonnie spots smoke, and suspects rustlers. With the help of her brother Rusty, and her friend Doug, 18, son of a Wisconsin businessman who doesn’t want him to become a ranger, she tries to solve the mystery, and stop the fire.