Griffith, Valeria

About the author

Valeria Griffith was friends with the children’s author Jeanette Eyerly. Together they wrote a syndicated column, Family Diary, and under the name Jennifer Griffith, they wrote Dearest Kate. Valeria Griffith wrote one children’s horse story, a sequel to Jenny the Firemaker.

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Links and sources
Jeanette Eyerly’s papers
Jeanette Eyerly’s obituary, New York Times

Bibliography (horse books only)

A Ride for Jenny

Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1964, 158 pp, illus Jacqueline Tomes

Kirkus review

Jenny and her friends want to go on a camping trip, but they have no money. So, they decide to raise some by putting on a circus show. Unfortunately Jenny has been boasting about her prowess with horses, so she gets given the job of doing a bareback act on the retired circus horse Dolly. Even more unfortunately, Jenny’s scared of horses.