Greene, Anne Bosworth

About the author

Anne Bosworth Green (1878–1961) was born in England, and was a landscape artist, essayist and travel writer. She lived briefly in Tryon, and then in Boston, MA, as well as in Vermont, which provided the material for one of her books The Lone Winter, which describes a winter she spent alone on her farm there after her daughter went away to school. Farming she possibly did not find that enthralling. She said “A farm is like a very large and extended baby. It takes a great deal of time and very little mentality.” She kept a herd of ponies on the farm, as well as riding horses.

She wrote two horse books: Greylight and The White Pony in the Hills, about a Shetland pony.

Finding the books
White Pony is the easier of the two books to find. The White Pony in the Hills tends to be difficult, and expensive. Neither book was published in the UK.

Links and sources
Excerpts from her diary, The Lone Winter, 1923 (no longer available as an eBook)
Some examples of her pictures on AskART
Many thanks to Lisa Catz for the photograph.


The White Pony in the Hills

Bibliography (horse books only)


Century Co, New York and London, 1923, 222 pp, illus C M Relyea

“The white Shetland pony Greylight goes to live with the little girl Babs and shares her barn with a brown mare named Cupid.”

The White Pony in the Hills

Century Co, New York and London, 1927, 254 pp, illus C M Relyea

“Babs and her mother move with their pony Greylight and mare Cupid to a farm in the mountains where Grey gets to carry Babs to school and the nervous Cupid starts to relax.”