Green, Anne M

About the author

Anne M Green has written several children’s books. As far as I’m aware, To Race Again is the only one with any horse content. If anyone has any more information on the author or her books, do please get in touch.

Finding the books
Reasonably easy to find, though not necessarily ex library.

Links and sources
Thank you to Lisa  Catz for photographs and summaries

Bibliography (horse books only)

To Race Again

Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1961, 195 pp, illus Albert Orbaan

Hillcrest had once been famous for its race horses, but now the Reynald family has to workhard to keep the farm going. All that is left is the stallion, Flying Embers, two mares and a foal. When the stallion is killed, Robby tries to track down a mare and her Fling Embers colt, who the family had sold. The family is not the only one searching for a Flying Embers colt, however.