Glendinning, Margarite

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Margarite Glendinning is an author about whom I’ve been able to find out virtually nothing. If anyone can supply any biographical details, I’d be very grateful.

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Reasonably easy to find, but good copies can be expensive.

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Terri Wear: Horse Stories – An Annotated Bibliography

Bibliography (horse books only)

Gertie, the Horse who Thought and Thought

Whittlesey House, New York, 1951, 88 pp, illus Louis Slobodkin

Kirkus review

Gertie is a Clydesdale. She leaves one owner, and ends up working at an island hotel set on the side of a lake. No one there thinks very much of Gertie, but Tommy does. He teaches her tricks, and Gertie comes into her own when Tommy is lost.