Friermood, Elisabeth Hamilton

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Elisabeth Hamilton Friermood (1903–92) was born in Indiana. She was the children’s librarian at Marion Public Library before moving to Ohio to take up a similar position at the Dayton Public Library. She wrote 18 books, the majority of which looked at 19th century life in the Midwest. Her one horse book, Circus Sequins, does not follow this mould, being set in a circus. Elizabeth Friermood said of her heroines: “My heroines are real girls as I write; I see them move and hear them speak as one does in a motion picture. I then tell the story as I see and hear it projected on the screen of my imagination.”

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Circus Sequins

Doubleday & Company, New York, 1968, 239 pp

Roxanne’s mother grew up in the circus. Roxanne feels she has the circus in her blood, and after graduating from high school, she is allowed to spend the summer with her mother’s family at the circus. Roxanne is given a job as a junior seamstress, but wants to be in a riding act. By the end of the summer she is performing on horseback, and loving the nomadic life. Doug, the boy next
door, wants her to come home and marry him. Roxanne is not sure she wants to leave the spotlight and lose her dream of being the sequinned star of the circus.