Frankel, Haskel

About the author

Haskel Frankel (1926–99) was an author and theatre critic. He had an early career as an actor, but gave up acting after experiencing journalism during World War II, during which he worked on a newspaper which appeared on an Army base. He started writing fiction, and wrote several books for young readers in Doubleday’s Signal Books series, including the horse book Rodeo Roundup. Frankel also wrote pulp fiction, using the pseudonym Frank Haskel. He produced pieces on the theatre for papers including the New York Times and Playbill.

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Links and sources
Terri Wear: Horse Stories – An Annotated Bibliography
Thanks to Lisa Catz for the summary
Obituary, November 10, 1999, New York Times

Bibliography (horse books only)

Rodeo Roundup

Doubleday & Company, Inc, New York,1962,144 pp, illus Lorence F Bjorklund

Dan Pearson wants to be a rodeo rider, with hs beautiful palomino, Crown, who would be the finest horse any rodeo had ever seen. So he jumps at the chance to calf rope in a two day rodeo, a hundred miles away. Dan is thrilled when his father gives his permission for Dan to see if the rodeo life is for him. Dan quickly finds out about the flip side of rodeo life. Horses are used as a tool, and injuries can last a lifetime. Crown is injured, and the rodeo owner forces Dan to ride in the bucking competition. When he wins, he has to decide whether to stay with the rodeo for good, or return to ranching life.