Felder, Deborah

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Deborah Felder is an American author, who’s contributed some titles to the Treasured Horses series. I’ve included Christmas in Silver Lake (1997) in the bibliography; although by Colleen Hubbard, the story is by Deborah Felder. Felder has also written adaptations of classics like The Three Musketeers and Anne of Green Gables, as well as non fiction, such as Century of Women : the Most Influential Events in Twentieth-Century Women’s History (1999).

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Bibliography (horse books only)

Changing Times

Ertl, Iowa, 1996, 120 pp, illus Sandy Rabinowitz
Reprinted 1999

The blurb:

In 1912, ten-year-old Lucy Gordon, living with her family in the foothills of Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains, determines to prove that their Tennessee Walking Horse, Clipper, is worth far more than her father’s new
Model-T automobile.

Ride of Courage

Ertl, Iowa, 1996, 128 pp, illus Sandy Rabinowitz
Reprinted 1999

The blurb:

In 1781, twelve-year-old Molly Randall, living with her family in Yorktown, Virginia, finds her courage tested when she must ride a powerful Arabian horse to get help for a neighbor about to be executed for treason by the British.

Christmas in Silver Lake

(by Colleen Hubbard; story by Deborah Felder)

Ertl, Iowa, 1997, 125 pp, illus Sandy Rabinowitz
Reprinted 1999

The blurb:

Eleven-year-old Erika has difficulty adjusting to life in Minnesota when her family moves there from Germany in 1880, but a special Clydesdale horse not only helps her fit in, but also saves her life.

Pretty Lady of Saratoga

Ertle, Iowa, 1997, 122 pp, illus Sandy Rabinowitz, cover Christa Keiffer
Reprinted 1999

The blurb:

In early twentieth-century New York State, twelve-year-old Polly uses her determination and skills to help give the beautiful race horse, Pretty Lady, another chance to be in
the winner’s circle.