Feagles, Anita MacRae

About the author

Anita MacRae Feagles (?- 2008) was born in Chicago, and educated at Knox College, Illinois, and City College in New York, where she achieved a Masters in Education. Her husband, Robert Feagles, was an international banker, and the two led a peripatetic lifestyle, living in Mexico, Spain, England and Iceland. She also wrote under the name Travis MacRae. She wrote around 20 children’s books, with Casey the Impossible Horse proving one of the most popular. It has been reprinted several times both in the UK and America.

Finding the book
The Picture Puffin is easy to find; most of the other versions are easy to find too.

Links and sources
Obituary of Anita Feagles
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Bibliography (horse books only)

Casey the Utterly Impossible Horse

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Scholastic, New York, 1960, pb
Victor Gollancz, London, 1962, 95 pp
Victor Gollancz, London, 1979, 96 pp, illus Roger Smith
Linnet Books, 1989
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I have found mention of a book called Horse Sense (SRA 1963), which I think contains excerpts from Casey.

Mike meets Casey, a talking horse who is looking for a boy  of his own. Mike takes him home and keeps him in his garage. But Casey is an exasperating horse, who wears out his welcome by insisting on having striped
pyjamas to wear, and acting in the school play.