Fall, Thomas

About the author

Thomas Fall, who was descended from Cherokee Indians, grew up in Oklahoma. His mother grew up in an Indian mission, and she told Thomas much about what life was like in the Indian territory before Oklahoma statehood. Besides this, a particular interest of his was wild horse legends in the United States.

Finding the book
Wild Boy wasn’t published in the UK, but is easily and cheaply available in the USA, both as a paperback and a hardback.

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Dustjacket of Wild Boy
Many thanks to Susan Bourgeau for all her help with the book and its author.

Bibliography (horse books only)

Wild Boy

Dial Press 1965, illus Henry C Pitz
Scholastic, pb, 1968, 1973

No one could capture the proud and cruel Diablo Blanco. Roberto’s father had died in the attempt, and he hated the horse. Roberto was determined to avenge his father, and learned from the Comanches how to be an expert horseman. Roberto is half Mexican and half white, and becomes involved in the wars between the white men and the Comanches. Robert struggles to understand “the hatreds and the hopes which lead men to war.”