Eyre, Katherine Wigmore

About the author

Katherine Wigmore Eyre (1901–70) wrote for both adults and children. Her children’s books, at least her horsey titles, are set on ranches. Rosa and Randy is a book I’ve included despite not being entirely certain of its contents. If you can help, I’d be very grateful.

Finding the book
Reasonably easy to find.

Links and sources
Terri Wear: Horse Stories – An Annotated Bibliography

Bibliography (horse books only)

Spurs for Antonia

Oxford University Press, New York, 238 pp, 1943, illus Decie Merwin

Antonia is sent to live with her father, who lives on a ranch in California. Antonia does her best: she learns to ride; she learns to help on the ranch, but she still feels that her father wished she were a boy.

Star in the Willows

Oxford University Press, London, 1946, 174 pp, illus Gertrude Howe.

Nita Valdez (10) comes from Mexico to live on the “Rancho Estrellas” with her aunt and uncle who will work there. She befriends the owner’s daughter, Lou, who is the same age. The ranch is having financial problems, and they are counting on Hermosa, the prize palomino brood mare, giving birth to another palomino. The girls have lots of adventures, with Nita always being the timid one. But in the end, it is Nita who has to summon up the courage to try to save the just-born colt
from a mountain lion.

Rosa and Randy

Oxford University Press, New York, 1948, 160 pp, illus Mabel Jones