Eckert, Allan W

About the author

Allan W Eckert (1931– 2011) was an American author. He was born in Buffalo, New York, and educated in Ohio. He wrote an outdoor drama called Tecumseh, which is still being performed, and is now in its 25th year of production.

As a young man, he spent much time hiking round America learning about its wildlife; a love which is reflected in many of his books. He was interested in how man interacts with animals, and wrote stories exploring a world in which different methods of communication with animals exist. One of these is Song of the Wild (1980), the novel of his which has most horse content. Its hero, Caleb, can transfer his consciousness to animals, and experience what it is like to be them.

Finding the book
Available as print-on-demand; reasonably easy to find in book form.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

Song of the Wild

Little, Brown, Boston, 1980, 225 pp.

Caleb is spending the summer at a riding school. There’s a vet there who seems to understand Caleb, and he confides that he can do more than imagine what it is like to be an animal: he can transfer his consciousness and share what it is really like to be an animal. His abilities are thrilling,
but bittersweet.