Donavan, Hobart

About the author

Hobart Donavan (1905–76) was a scriptwriter, who wrote for, amongst others, the Loretta Young Show. He wrote the scripts for several films, including Escape to Burma. He was married to June Foray, who was well known for providing the voice for Rocky the Flying Squirrel on the television series The Bullwinkle Show. Hobart Donavan wrote one horse book (as far as I am aware, this was the only book he wrote).

Finding the book
The book is easy to find, and not expensive. It wasn’t published in the UK.

Links and sources
IMDB on Hobart Donavan
June Foray on Wikipedia
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Many thanks to Lisa Catz for the photograph.

Bibliography (horse books only)

Desert Stallion

Knopf, New York, 1953, 181 pp, illus Wlliam Riley
Reprinted 1966

There is a wild Arabian stallion, a grey, that Saya loves so much he prefers him to any of the wonderful horses owned by his father, Sheikh Akim Abou. The grey horse though has proved itself a danger and is going to be shot.