Crook, Marion

About the author

Marion Crook is a Canadian author who has written many stories for children and young adults. Her books look at difficult and dark areas: she has written on teenage suicide, and adoption. She has also contributed two titles to the Lorimer Sports series, aimed at the reluctant reader. Reflecting her interest in the teenage psyche, one title looks at how nerves can ruin competition; the other is based around barrel racing.

Finding the books
Both are reasonably easy to find

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Bibliography (horse books only)

Riding Scared

James Lorimer & Co, Canada, 1996

Gillian is petrified before each and every competition she goes in for – will she ever be able to overcome her nerves?

Cutting it Close

James Lorimer & Co, Canada, 1998

Jayleen has a dream: she wants to be Canada’s greatest amateur barrel racer, but first she has to find a coach who believes in her talent.