Corbin, William

About the author

William Corbin is an American author who has written only three pony books that I know of, although he has written very many more children’s titles.

The title he is best known for in the UK is Horse in the House. This has been one of my favourite books since I first came across it, in its Puffin incarnation, in our local library. It is the story of Melanie and her palomino stallion Orbit. Orbit’s stay in the house is a fairly minor part of the book. Much more of it is taken up with Orbit’s disappearance.

Finding the books
Horse in the House is easy to find in its Puffin form in the UK. There was a UK edition, nearly identical to the US version, but it is very hard to find here. The Golden Mare is one of those books I managed to acquire in my bookselling days, but I sold it before I had the chance to read it. It is very hard to find in the UK, but easy and cheap to find in either paperback or hardback via Abe or Amazon in the US. Pony for Keeps is virtually impossible to find in the UK. It can be found in the US via Abe or Amazon, but is on the pricier side for a pony book.

Links and sources
Many thanks to Susan Bourgeau for the pictures of the US editions of Pony for Keeps and Horse in the House, and for the information on Pony for Keeps.

Bibliography (horse books only)

The Golden Mare

Coward-McCann, New York, 1955, illus Pers Crowell
Weekly Reader Books, pb 1955

“Robin, who has had rheumatic fever, is allowed to ride only the gentle old palomino mare Magic, but Robin sees her as a beautiful devoted friend.”

Pony for Keeps

Coward-McCann, New York, 1958
illustrated by Peter Burchard

“Mrs Kirby has forbidden her new foster daughter from visiting the March Stables across the street because she thinks that horses mean rough men and gambling, but Katty Lou finds it hard to stay away, especially after she witnesses the birth of Pepper’s foal.”

Horse in the House

Coward-McCann, New York, 1963, illus Sam Saviitt
Methuen, London, 1966, illus Sam Savitt
The UK and US editions are virtually identical.
Puffin, pb, 1969

Melanie owns the glorious stallion Orbit. Melanie has many plans for the summer, but they don’t include Orbit being stolen, and she and her friend Richie going on a desperate hunt to get him back.