Cooper, Page

About the author

(Anice) Page Cooper (1891–1958) wrote numerous books, but the titles listed below are her horse titles. She was born in Salem, West Virginia, and educated at Ohio Wesleyan University. During World War II, she worked as a war correspondent in the Pacific, and wrote about the life of Navy nurses. After the war, she worked as an editor, and then as a freelance writer. Besides her horse stories, she also wrote non fiction, including Man o’ War, which she wrote with Roger Treat.

Finding the books
None of her horse titles were published in the UK. The majority of her horse titles are easy and cheap to find in the US. Red Tartar can be a little bit more expensive, but is by no means impossible.

Links and sources
Dustjacket of Red Tartar
Terri Wear: Horse Stories: An Annotated Biblipgraphy
Many thanks to Susan Bourgeau and Lisa Catz for pictures and information.

Bibliography (horse books only)

Pat’s Harmony

World Publishing Company, Cleveland, 1952 , cover art Phillip Marini, illus Oliver Grimley

Pat’s father has promised her her own colt, but the horse is lost on the range, and is presumed dead. When the colt is finally found, she is in such bad condition Pat wonders if she’ll make a show jumper, as Pat dreams.


World Publishing Company, 1954, illus Edward Shenton
World Library

Peter and his friend Spud train Peter’s horse Thunder as a trick horse, but this isn’t really waht Peter wants. Thunder’s descended from Man o’ War, and Peter wants Thunder to follow in his footsteps.


World Publshing Company,1955, illus Henry Pitz
Grosset & Dunlap’s Famous Horse Stories edition
Grosset & Dunlap (no date given, original copyright of 1955 given) cover art uncredited, internal illustrations Henry Pitz

Franz and his father are part of a circus, and their act involves Lipizzaner stallions. They’re all very well but want Franz wants more than anything is a horse of his own to train.

Silver Spurs to Monterey

World Publishing Co, Cleveland, 1956, illus Herman D Giesen

Red Tartar

World Publishing Company, Cleveland,1957, illus Wesley Dennis

The Courtney family have owned beautiful Laurel Hill for many generations. However, once the depression hit and life spiralled downwards, everything started falling apart. Now Randy, his grandfather, and a two-year-old colt are all that is left. This colt though is descended from the great racehorse Man o’ War, and Randy believes the colt can win enough to support him and his grandfather. However, Randy’s wealthy neighbour wanted the horse himself, and will do anything to keep the horse out of the race.


Great Horse Stories

Selected by Page Cooper

1946, illus Paul Brown