Conant, Jan Royce

About the author

Jan Royce Conant was born in Boston, Massachusetts. An animal behaviourist and judge, as well as an artist, she has illustrated seven books, including her own Half Pint and Children of Light.

Jan Royce Conant studied at Milton Academy, the Boston School of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Cincinnati Art Academy. She has owned two equestrian farms: Tinker Hill Farm and Stonehill Farm. Though she is now semi-retired, whilst running the farms she coached many Olympians under her “strict but compassionate supervision.” For 22 years she volunteered as an instructor and officer for the United States Pony Club. She judged at USEA “R” and FEI “I” Eventing level, though has now retired from these. She continues to ride, and to coach a few riders.

Her Half Pint and Others is a fictionalised account of her own experiences running a riding school when she was 18.

Finding the book
The book is reasonably easy to find in the USA.

Links and sources
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Bibliography (horse books only)

Half Pint

Gordon Wright Publishing, 1964, 99p, illus Jan Royce Conant

Pat Cranwell wants to start a riding stable and has to struggle in order to find the right horses for her pupils to ride.