Cohen, Peter Zachary

About the author

American author Peter Zachary Cohen (b.1931) served in the US Army from 1954–56. He was associate professor of English at Kansas State University of Agriculture and Applied Science. He said:

I enjoy almost anything connected with the field-and-stream out-of-doors; live on a small farm raising sheep, horses and chickens under fence, coyotes, rabbits, owls and the evening stars, too, I guess, by letting them run loose. I return from those contacts with a renewed sense of wonder at the world. And I write to try to discover more about the ‘whys’ and ‘what ifs’ of the attitudes and situations I feel and observe. The extra fun is to try to discover them in an interesting way.

He has written several children’s novels, amongst which are three horse stories.

Finding the books
All the books are very easy to find in the USA. None had an English publication.

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Bibliography (horse books only)


Atheneum, New York, 1970, 140 pp, illus Haris Petie

Alex misses the bus when it leaves the camp. He isn’t worried at first, but then it begins to snow. To survive, he will have to catch the horse who was left at the camp, and try and ride for shelter.


Atheneum, 1975, New York, 187 pp, illus Richard Cuffari

Herb is determined to work on a cattle ranch. However, Bee, a buckskin gelding, causes Herb problem after problem, and he wonders if he will be able to keep his job.

Calm Horse, Wild Night

Atheneum, New York, 168 pp, 1982

Arly uses the horse Tug to haul timber for his parents, but then a misguided boy steals the horse, as he intends using him for smuggling.