Coburn, Walt

About the author

Fred Gipson, in his 1957 forword to Stirrup High, wrote:

It’s obvious from the start that this shy little sawed-off ex-Montana cowhand knows which end of a cow gets up first. He knows, too, which end of a horse gets up first… His ability to re-live his first-hand experience of cows and horses and men through his yarns is the quality that has made my friend Coburn one of the leading writers of the Old West for more years than he like to remember.

Coburn started to learn about ranching working among the “tough Montana riders who worked his father’s Circle C ranch.”

Finding the book
Reasonably easy to find. The book was not published in the UK.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

Stirrup High

Julian Messner, New York, 1957, 190 pp, illus Ross Santee

Reprinted Messner, 1966, Archway Books series (right)