Clymer, Ted

About the author

Ted Clymer (Theodore Clymer, 1927–2004) was an expert on early reading education. He was educated at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota, where he became a professor of elementary education and educational psychology in 1952. He challenged long-held assumptions about early reading teaching, and his work was devoted to improving methods of teaching reading. In 1965, he founded the Reading Research Quarterly, and in the late 1960s, introduced a new reading scheme, Reading 360, which found favour with teachers and was used in many state curriculums.

He wrote many text books, but also journeyed into fiction. As well as children’s books based on world folklore, he wrote an early reader about a horse with author Miska Miles.

Finding the book
No longer in print, but easy to find second hand.

Links and sources
Theodore Clymer, obituary, New York Times, 15 August, 2004, retrieved 18 February 2015
Miska Miles on my website

Bibliography (horse books only)

Horse and the Bad Morning

E P Dutton, New York, 1982, 32 pp, illus Leslie Morrill

All the barn animals think it is a beautiful morning except Horse. He is not happy with his view from his stall, so the other animals do something about it.