Christensen, Gardell Dano

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Gardell Dano Christensen (1907–1991) had a relationship with the animal world which reflected changing attitudes towards the non human world. In his early working life, he worked as a taxidermist, working for the American Museum. He went on expeditions to collect animals, which involved killing them so they could be stuffed and preserved for the museum. In later life, he made dioramas of animals and their habitats, and wrote animal stories; thereby preserving knowledge of animals and their ways without having to shoot them.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

Buffalo Horse

Nelson, New York, 1961, 94 pp, illus the author

Bright Rock hears strange tales of men mounted on strange beasts, called horses. He’s never seen them before, and decides to seek them out. He comes across a spotted mare, and eventually tries to hunt buffalo while riding her.