Cheatham, K Follis

About the author

K Follis Cheatham has done much work with children. She’s directed a choir, coached soccer and done writing workshops and volunteer tutoring. She’s also been assistant director for a Prevent High School Dropout program in North Carolina. She’s written several historical books for children, amongst which is this story of a girl and a horse.

Finding the book
Easy to find in both its incarnations.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

Spotted Flower and the Ponokomita

Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1977, 94 pp, illus the author
KAIOS Books, Helena, MT, 2001, pb, illus Ogemahgeshig Fischer (right)

Spotted Flower manages to escape being captured by the Shoshoni. As she tries to find her way back to her own tribe, she comes across a horse wearing a saddle, which she thinks is a Ponokomita – a magical Spirit Power.