Chaffee, Allen

About the author

Allen Chaffee adapted several children’s classics, including Hiawatha, Bambi’s Children and The Wizard of Oz. Chaffee’s own fiction included several books on animals, as well as two pony books about Wandy the Dartmoor pony, both fairly conventional pony biographies.

Finding the books
Both are easy to find. Wandy Wins tends to be the more expensive of the two, particularly with its dustjacket.

Bibliography (horse books only)

Wandy the Wild Pony

H Smith & R Haas, New York, 1932, 179 pp, illus Richard Floethe
John Murray, London, 1933, illus D L Mays
Reprinted several times

Wandy is a Dartmoor pony. He has to fend for himself, until his capture by two children and an Irish groom. Though he enjoys his life with the children, he waits for a chance to gain his freedom, and just before a great snow storm, he escapes.

Wandy Wins! More Adventures of Wandy The Wild Pon

yJohn Murray, London, 1938, illus D L Mays
Reprinted several times: right is the 1952 reprint
As Wandy Wins! Adventures of Wandy
Random House, New York, 1939

Wandy throws Percy on a muck heap; Arthur trains him as a race horse and he has fun with his friends, but then Wandy is stolen by a man with shifty eyes and it is only by the cleverness of Mickey, the fisher boy, that they escape and Wandy finds his way home.